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Roughneck Ser. Master SPM MacClatchie Novatech   Roughneck Ser. Mast. II Ser. Mast. I SPM MacClatchie Novatech  
HF-1A-S01 1A-WG-4     NF-1A-S1   HF-1A-V01 U24839 U6-22     NF-1A-V1  
HF-1A-S02 1A-WG-6         HF-2-V01 U27032 U6-09 P101725   NF-2-V1  
HF-1A-S03 1A-WG-7         HF-2-V02   U16469A P102198   NF-2-V2  
HF-2-S01 2-WG-3 P101724   NF-2-S1   HF-2-V03         NF-2-V3  
HF-2-S02 2-WG-8     NF-2-S2   HF-3-V02            
HF-2-S03 2-WG-10         HF-3-V03 U23617 U6-02 P102195 40176 NF-3-V3  
HF-2-S04 2-WG-11         HF-3-V04 U23595 U6-01 P102203 40176 NF-3-V4  
HF-2-S05 2-WG-13     NF-2-S5   HF-3-V05   U6-03        
HF-2-S06 17001 P102199   NF-2-S6   HF-3-V06   U6-08   40192 NF-3-V6  
HF-2-S07 16470     NF-2-S7   HF-3-V07            
HF-2-S08 2-WG-5     NF-2-S8   HF-4-V01 U23317 U6-11 P101766   NF-4-V1  
HF-2-S09       NF-2-S9   HF-4-V02 U23795F U6-14 P101719 40271 NF-4-V2  
HF-3-S02           HF-4-V03 U24167 U15665A     NF-4-V3  
HF-3-S03 3-WG-4 P102204   NF-3-S3   HF-4-V05 *U23317 U6-10     NF-4-V5  
HF-3-S04 15669 P102196   NF-3-S4   HF-4-V07 *U23795F U6-13 P101760   NF-4-V7  
HF-3-S05 3-WG-3         HD-4-V01   U6-30     ND-4-V1  
HF-3-S06 3-WG-9     NF-3-S6   HD-4-V02            
HF-3-S09     45208 NF-3-S9   HF-5-V01 U23318 U6-21 P101765 40537,40254 NF-5-V1  
HF-3-S10       NF-3-S10   HF-5-V01 U23318 U6-04   40254,40399 NF-5-V1  
HF-3-S11       NF-3-S11   HF-5-V02   U17989A P102205      
HF-3-S12           HF-5-V03            
HF-4-S01 14-WG-25 P101764 45267 NF-4-S1   HF-5-V04 U27005       NF-5-V4  
HF-4-S02 14-WG-10 P101718 45267 NF-4-S2   HF-5-V07            
HF-4-S02 14-WG-16   45194 NF-4-S2   HF-5-V09            
HF-4-S04 15668 P102200   NF-4-S4   HD-5-V01   U6-06     ND-5-V1  
HF-4-S05 14-WG-20     NF-4-S5   HF-6-V01 U23319 U6-20 P101770 40289 NF-6-V1  
HF-4-S06 14-WG-7   45236     HF-6-V03   U6-38   40181 NF-6-V3  
HF-4-S07 14-WG-2     NF-4-S7   HF-7-V01 U23320 U6-17 P101775 40380 NF-7-V1  
HF-4-S08 14-WG-3   45206 NF-4-S8   * Not directly interchangeable but can be used in this service.    
HF-4-S10 14-WG-8   45341 NF-4-S10    
HF-4-S12 14-WG-11   45205 NF-4-S12   WELL SERVICE VALVE INSERTS  
HF-4-S12 14-WG-9   45205 NF-4-S12    
HF-4-S12 14-WG-15   45205 NF-4-S12   Roughneck Ser. Mast. II Ser. Mast. I SPM Novatech Remarks  
HF-4-S13 14-WG-13   45209     HF-1A-I 24840 13120-AA   NF-1A-I Abras. Res.  
HF-4-S16 14-WG-14   45362 NF-4-S16   HF-2-I 27033 13032-AA P101726 NF-2-I Abras. Res.  
HF-4-S17 23796-2     NF-4-S17   HF-2-I-Y         Injection  
HF-4-S18 23796-1     NF-4-S18   HF-2-IA       NF-2-IA Abras. Res.  
  23800         HF-3-I 23596 12570-AA P102197 NF-3-I Abras. Res.  
  24018         HF-3-IA   12570-AA1   NF-3-IA Abras. Res.  
  24020         HF-3-IB-NR         Bonded  
HF-5-S01 5-WG-7 P101763 45384 NF-5-S1   HF-4-I 23300 13097-AA P101769 NF-4-I Abras. Res.  
HF-5-S02 5-WG-1 P102172 45346 NF-5-S2   HF-4-I-Y         Injection  
HF-5-S03 16140 P102206       HF-4-IA 23794 13097-AA1 P101720 NF-4-IA Abras. Res.  
HF-5-S04 27003     NF-5-S4   HF-4-IA-Y         Injection  
HF-5-S05 5-WG-4   45356     HF-4-IA-V         Viton  
HF-5-S05 5-WG-9   45356     HF-4-I-BJ         BJ  
HF-5-S06 5-WG-5   45538 NF-5-S6   HF-4-IR         Buna  
HF-5-S07           HTF-4-I         H. Temp  
HF-5-S08           HD-4-I-HAR         Acid Resis.  
HF-6-S02 6-WG-1         HD-4-IA-HAR         Acid Resis.  
HF-6-S03 6-WG-8 P101768 45349 NF-6-S3   HF-5-I 23305 12535-AA P101767 NF-5-I Abras. Res.  
HF-6-S05 6-WG-9   45230     HF-5-I-Y         Injection  
HF-7-S01 7-WG-2 P101773 45382 NF-7-S1   HF-5-I-BJ         BJ  
            HF-5-I-V         Viton  
J. Johnson July, 00         HTF-5-I         H. Temp  
            HD-5-I-HAR         Acid Resis.  
            HF-6-I 23310 13992-AA P101722 NF-6-I Abras. Res.  
            HF-6-I-HTCR         H. Temp  
            HF-6-I-Y         Injection  
            HF-7-I 23315 13142-AA P101777 NF-7-I Abras. Res.  
            HF-7-I-Y         Injection