• Corrosion Control

    Mitigation in drilling

    While drilling:

    • Use a wiper rubber while tripping out of hole
    • Keep racking area clean (free of well fluid and solids)
    • Apply thread compound on connections

    When laying pipe down:

    • Clean inside and outside of pipe
    • Clean protectors before putting them back on connections
    • Clean and dope connection before putting protectors back on

    Corrosion rings can be used with API connections seating in the box tapered section. Double-shouldered connections leave no space for corrosion rings to seat on. A special tool (double sub) needs to be built to hold the ring.

    Mitigation in completion operations

    While running completion:

    • Use a wiper rubber while tripping out of hole
    • Wash the pipe on every trip out
    • Clean, dry and dope pins and boxes before racking
    • Use a rubber racking mat to prevent accumulation of completion fluid around pins

    Sufficient amount of dope should be applied when running completion. Completion fluids are generally more corrosive than drilling fluids.