• AQUA-VES™ Offshore Water Treatment System

    Shear enhanced filtration system minimizes waste water disposal.

    The AQUA-VES Offshore Water Treatment System effectively treats contaminated water so it may be safely discharged overboard. The fully integrated system can treat up to 300 barrels of waste water per day at a processing rate of 10-20 bbls/hour, it is capable of handling a combined solids and oil content up to 20%. The membrane filters reject solids and oil to produce a clean water that contains less than 30 PPM oil, from a maximum oil content of 10,000 PPM. With a small footprint, occupying 155” by 108” by 135”, the completely automated system uses an integrated oil-in-water analyser to ensure the treated water meets the environmental discharge requirements. If the system detects an output near the pre-set discharge limits, it will automatically divert the water back to the feed tank for re-processing thus ensuring adherence to environmental regulations at all times.

    While process rates and efficiencies vary depending on the feed density, suspended solids, dissolved solids, viscosity, and temperature, the AQUA-VES system significantly reduces the amount of waste water that must be shipped to shore for disposal. Up to 80% of a typical contaminated water volume can be discharged after treatment. Thus, only the concentrate, which is as little as 20% of the original volume, would then need to be shipped to shore for disposal. This results in a significant cost savings for the operator and will also reduce the contaminated water storage volume required on the rig.

    In addition to discharge compliance, the system’s automated process maximizes the longevity of the unit. The water treatment systems’ controller has several programmed set-points that will automatically stop treatment if any of the measurements reaches an alarm level. This prolongs the life of the membranes that could otherwise be reduced by excessive processing rates and pressures. The automated system also minimizes operator exposure, again, an additional environmental protection function, plus a cost saving benefit. All process times, volumes, and cleaning cycles can be programmed to perform as desired.

    The AQUA-VES system does not use chemicals during the treatment process, instead a vibratory enhanced separation technique is utilised to reduce membrane fouling and enhance membrane life. System calibration and optimization is achieved through the use of specifically tailored products to ensure process accuracy.




    Fully automated system

    Built-in fail safes to optimize treatment, unit longevity & eliminate HSE risk

    Fully integrated system

    One lift saves time

    Small footprint

    Minimizes space requirements on the rig, easily placed in limited space situations

    Easy installation at rig site

    Reduces time to setup and become operational

    Vibratory enhanced separation

    Reduces fouling and increases membrane life

    Long membrane life

    Lowers operating costs

    Significant waste water volume reduction, by up to 80%

    Reduces storage, shipping and onshore disposal costs

    Integrated oil-in-water analyser

    Ensures all discharged water meets regulations

    Limited operator involvement

    Cost savings associated with labor reduction & operator error; easy to operate requiring only one operator

    Minimal chemical usage

    Cost savings associated with transportation, storage & inventory



    Offshore System

    Processing Rates

    10-20 bbl/hour (1.5-3 m3/hour)

    Power Requirement

    460 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase, 100 A

    Dimensions (L x W x H)

    155 in x 108 in x 135 in  (3925 mm x 2744 mm x 3429 mm)

    Max Gross Weight

    24,251 lb (11000 kg)


    DNV 2.7-1, ATEX Zone 2. CE Exd II 3 Gc IIB T3

    Approximate specifications. For more information please contact your local NOV WellSite Services representative.