• BRANDT Swarf Screening System

    Designed to deal with a fundamental problem faced by many rigs, the BRANDT™ Swarf Screen System eliminates the issue of milled swarf clogging and prematurely damaging shaker screens.



    Manufactured in stainless steel and with the attention to detail applied to the screens, the system provides a versatile, cost effective, clean, safe and hassle free option for removing swarf at the flowline. Available for both the BRANDT AX series of shakers and for the BRANDT VSM 300™, no equipment modification is necessary as the swarf screens simply replace the original screen panels.
    • The unique AX and AX300PLUS swarf screens offer the only “in-shaker” removal solutions on the market – transforming a shale shaker into an efficient swarf removal tool.
    • Each batch can be tailor made to maximize throughput based on expected swarf specifications.
    • Compact design for ease of handling.



    Plate Design: Laser cut stainless steel plate is used to ensure a slick finish, reducing the likelihood of “birds’ nests” forming.

    Protection: Proven to protect woven mesh screens on lower decks, dramatically reducing screening costs and improving HSE.

    Built to Last: The use of durable materials and a proven clamping system allows the Swarf Screening System to enjoy an extended life cycle, resulting in lower screen costs and zero down time.

    Weight: Using the same design principles as the AX Screening System gives each Swarf Removal Screen a weight of 6kg – promoting ease of handling and simple insertion/removal.

    Storage: With the same physical dimensions as a standard AX Screen, each Swarf Removal Screen can be easily stored in a standard BRANDT AX Screen Rack.