• BRANDT AX Screenwasher System

    The BRANDT™ AX Screenwasher is a fully automated screen wash-down system with the ability to process multiple screens in a fully enclosed unit, minimizing emissions to the surrounding atmosphere and delivering a safer working environment.



    The compact, fully enclosed BRANDT AX-Screenwasher enables up to three screens to be cleaned in a single cycle. All effluent and solid particles are contained within the unit during cleaning and directed to any user-defined location by either pump or gravity feed. An integral HVAC connection point allows continual evacuation of fine vapors.

    Effective screen cleaning ensures the maximum screen area is available and allows more effective inspection, repair, storage, and simpler refitting.


    • Automatic cleaning of multiple screens in one cycle
    • Fully enclosed wash-down chamber
    • Zero discharge of fluid and particles into the environment
    • Self-cleaning
    • Labor intensive elements of manual screen cleaning eliminated
    • Elimination of dedicated screen cleaning PPE
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Modular assembly to allow installation access through standard doorways
    • ATEX rated to Group II Category 2 G IIB T4 X for use in Zone 1 environments


    CapacityUp-to 3 screens (user-defined) 
    Wash-down fluidWater or base-oil 
    Fluid consumptionCirca 82 litres/min 
    Cycle times (approx.)1 Screen; 50 Seconds
    2 Screens; 75 Seconds 
    3 Screens; 100 Seconds 
    Operating pressure180 bar 
    Main drive pump37kW electric 
    Utility requirements400 – 480V electrical, 90 psi airDimensions (L x W x H)
     Dry Operating Weight1922 mm x 780 mm x 992 mm
    Screenwasher320kg1922 mm x 780 mm x 992 mm
    Main drive pump780kg877 mm x 927 mm x 1290 mm
    Control panel60kg500 mm x 300 mm x 700 mm