• AX Screening System

    A shale shaker is only as good as the quality of its screens. Axiom Process screening system focuses on uncompromised technical excellence giving unrivaled performance. Three product offerings are provided to give choice and flexibility to meet a wide range of drilling challenges. The full range of Axiom screens are of a pre-tensioned sandwich construction, comprising a number of sub-panel elements. Axiom primary screens also have the capability to be blanked with the Axiom Snap-Fast repair plug to prolong life.


    Primary TF Triple Fine Screen:
    Triple Fine Screens were developed to help alleviate the problem of near size particle blinding. This screen is made up of two layers of ultra fine mesh supported by a coarser mesh backing cloth. Triple Fine Screens are highly versatile, providing excellent screening properties with plugging resistance and long life. 
    • Layered screens are less susceptible to near sized plugging. This is due to the interaction of all three layers of mesh which reduces the likelihood of particles remaining lodged in the apertures.
    • Because of the use of ultra-fine cloths, adding a third layer of cloth has a negligible impact upon flow capacity (conductance).
    • Screen life is increased over a two mesh configuration through improved transportation which is effected by the interaction between the top and intermediate layers of mesh. 
    SL Single Layer Screen:
    The SL Single Layer Screen is generally used for the Scalping (top) deck of the shaker. Unlike other shakers in the marketplace, the top deck of Axiom Shakers allows for the use of the same small, lightweight, user-friendly screens as the Primary decks. The SL screen is therefore designed to be the same size and have the same operability as the other AX Screening System screens, underlining our commitment to the continuous improvement of our equipment.
    Primary TC Triple Coarse Screens:
    Axiom have pioneered the use of our Triple Coarse Screen format. This is a 3 layer screen very similar to the Triple Fine Screen, but employing a thicker wire diameter.
    • The benefits of three-layered construction (less susceptible to blinding) are delivered.
    • The heavier wire cloth delivers increased life for the very fine meshes. Axiom can deploy these screens on the AX-1 more readily than competitors due to the increased unit capacity of the AX-1. 
    • Axiom screens are manufactured from stainless steel wire mesh.
    • Screens are of a pre-tensioned, multi panel construction.
    • Each screen weighs 4.5kg. This is achieved by having the structural support for the screen remain in the machine continuously; only the pre-tensioned screen plate is consumable unlike other screen offerings.
    • Screens are loaded from the front of the machine and pneumatically clamped. The screens hook together and are held in place inside the machine by the use of a patented locking wedge system.


    API RP13C: Fully compliant.

    Weight: Promotes ease of handling and reduced costs of transportation and inter rig moves. Screen weighs 4.5kg and can be carried by one man without compromising safety.

    Size: Screen is universal to all AX-1 decks and is reversible to offer extended life.

    Repairable: Uses proprietary locking plugs (no more losing them down the flowline or epoxy resin/sealant).  

    Access: Reduced screen length allows for installation in restricted space areas. 

    Hook system: Each screen extracts the next. No more poking around with long tools to extract the rear screens.

    This provides: Improved HSE considerations and greater life. Full repairability and lower screening costs per meter. Improved solids control means significantly lower drilling fluids cost per meter.


    Part Number  Description  Non Blanked Area  Conductance  D100  Separation API No
    AX10SL-2015  AX SL Shaker Screen API-10  2.91  60.72  2015  API 10
    AX20SL-853  AX SL Shaker Screen API-20  2.91  20.51  852.5  API 20
    AX30SL-603  AX SL Shaker Screen API-30  2.91  9.95  602.5  API 30
    AX40SL-426  AX SL Shaker Screen API-40  2.91  5.81   426.3  API 40
    AX60SL-258  AX SL Shaker Screen API-60  2.91  3.73  258.2  API 60
    AX70TF-228  AX TF Shaker Screen API-70  2.84  3.00  228  API 70
    AX80TF-190  AX TF Shaker Screen API-80  2.84  2.30  190  API 80
    AX100TF-143  AX TF Shaker Screen API-100  2.84  1.90  143  API 100
    AX120TF-120  AX TF Shaker Screen API-120  2.84  1.40  120  API 120
    AX140TF-116  AX TF Shaker Screen API-140  2.84  1.60  116  API 140
    AX140TF-114  AX TF Shaker Screen API-140  2.84  1.30  114  API 140
    AX170TF-94  AX TF Shaker Screen API-170  2.84  1.00  94  API 170
    AX200TF-80  AX TF Shaker Screen API-200  2.84  1.00  80  API 200
    AX230TF-60  AX TF Shaker Screen API-230  2.84  0.50  60  API 230
    AX270TF-50  AX TF Shaker Screen API-270  2.84  0.50  50  API 270
    AX325TF-44  AX TF Shaker Screen API-325  2.84  0.50  44  API 325
    AX400TF-40  AX TF Shaker Screen API-400  2.84  0.30  40  API 400
    AX450TF-34  AX TF Shaker Screen API-425  2.84  0.20  34  API 450
    AX100TC-145  AX TC Shaker Screen API-100  2.84  1.60  145  API 100
    AX120TC-120  AX TC Shaker Screen API-120  2.84  1.10  120  API 120
    AX140TC-111    AX TC Shaker Screen API-140  2.84  0.80  111  API 140
    AX200TC-79  AX TC Shaker Screen API-200  2.84  0.60  79  API 200