• Rigsite Closed-Circuit Television System (CCTV)

    NOV’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) system can remotely monitor rig operations from your on-site office. The system can be tailored to specific operational needs, providing a comprehensive, real-time view of the rig floor and other areas while waiting on critical operations to take place. The system’s ability to monitor events from one central location provides more eyes on the operation, allowing you to take care of other business and increase efficiency. 

    The CCTV system helps quickly recognize and deal with situations as they develop. It can improve safety and reduce the need for personnel in hazardous or noisy areas. The system provides safe, remote operation of camera equipment with the added benefit of recording events for conducting safety analyses, enhancing procedures, and training purposes.

    The NOV CCTV system features high-definition (HD) cameras with either fixed housings or pan-and-tilt zoom housings—both housings have weather- and explosion-proof enclosures. LCD flat screen monitors provide clear resolution and optional viewing and recording based on the number of cameras, frame rate, and video resolution. We use a digital video recorder (DVR) for reviewing, controlling, and recording the video. The HD DVR can store video for a week or as long as a month, depending on the number of cameras and the recording viewed and exported to a memory device. The video can also be viewed and exported to a memory device.

    NOV offers rental and purchase options for our CCTV systems, and we provide unmatched support for installation and service needs. 



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    Observe multiple operations from a single location

    • Increase efficiency and safety
    • Mitigate potentially hazardous situations

    Camera placement in dangerous or unmanned locations

    • Reduce the need for personnel in unsafe, noisy areas
    • Remotely operate equipment

    Record and store video for up to a month

    • Conduct safety analyses and develop training

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