• E-Totco Electronic Drift Survey Tool

    The E-Totco™ electronic drift survey tool offers a more intuitive user experience while enabling increases in accuracy and reliability and reducing overall survey time and costs in vertical drift applications. The E-Totco drift tool, which is part of our MD Totco™ family of data acquisition and information management products, is a drop-in replacement for all vertical mechanical CVD instruments. The tool’s multishot capability also allows for up to 64 surveys per run. Multishot surveys while tripping out of hole allow drillers to avoid nonproductive time caused by stuck pipe and enable the ability to drop the tool at total depth and take surveys while tripping out.



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    Survey quality assurance

    • Calculates precise inclination accuracy and displays and prints the actual survey accuracy
    • Eliminates uncertainty as to the quality of the survey

    Survey on demand

    • Eliminates guesswork surrounding survey time
    • Reduces the risk of a missed or moving survey

    Enhanced temperature reporting and capabilities

    • Allows easier monitoring of well temperature
    • Enables driller to correlate well temperature with E-Totco temperature recorded during each survey
    • Increases depth capability at temperatures up to 302°F (150°C)

    Increased resolution and accuracy

    • Produces 0.05% repeatability of survey records and 1% reading accuracy (±0.1°)

    RigSense™ compatibility

    • Eliminates the need to manually print and fill out reports
    • Allows all survey records to be easily stored and accessed