• Controlled Vertical Drift Indicator

    The MD Totco™ controlled vertical drift (CVD) indicator provides accurate drift information at frequent intervals, enabling increased drilling efficiency by maintaining a controlled vertical wellbore. Our CVD indicator offers intuitive use, allowing for simple operation by any member of the rig crew. Easy-to-read charts provide ready access to hole inclination values, allowing the driller to see if the hole is being drilled vertically or if it is drifting. The indicator’s mechanical design, which eliminates ink and electrical equipment, ensures that readings can be acquired without the encumbrance of additional products.



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    Accurate inclination information at frequent intervals

    • Reduces wellbore tortuosity
    • Increases overall drilling efficiency 

    Simple and intuitive design

    • Enables operation by any member of the crew

    Self-checking double recorder

    • Ensures accuracy of readings
    • Provides easy-to-read charts that detail hole verticality or degree of deviation

    Strictly mechanical components

    • Eliminates the need for ink or electrical equipment
    • Reduces necessary equipment to accomplish the reading procedure