• Hydrocyclones

    The Vacuum Assisted Cyclone, or Hydro-VAC, is a valuable liquid/ solids separator that can be used to wash, classify and dewater  mineral slurries and other process streams. Compared to conventional  hydrocyclones, the Hydro-VAC provides more consistent (drier)  underflow, reduced plugging from oversized particles and is virtually  unaffected by changes in feed density. These units operate at lower  feed pressures, thus reducing power requirements and apex wear.

    The Hydro-VAC has a proven track record in many applications:

    • Pond fines recovery
    • Concentrating concrete sand
    • Degritting processes
    • Scrubbing operations
    • Dewatering drilled solids

    Slurry is supplied to the feed inlet of the Hydro-VAC by a centrifugal pump. The slurry enters the feed chamber, spirals through the conical section and separates into two phases: the dense solids underflow and the light liquid overflow. The solids exit the Hydro-VAC through the apex and density regulator. The clean fluid overflow exits the Hydro-VAC through the vortex finder and siphons to an atmospheric collection point below the separator. The amount of vacuum is controlled by the overflow vacuum assembly.



    ModelSize in (mm) US gpm (liter/min)TPHD-50 Cut Point
    B-12312 (305)260 - 350 (984 - 1325)15-20     325 mesh
    B-15415 (381)450 - 650 (1703 - 2461)25-35325 mesh
    B-18518 (457)730 - 950 (2763 - 3696)45-55270 mesh
    B-24624 (610)1000 - 1300 (3785 - 4921)60-80200 mesh
    B-30830 (762)1700 - 2350 (6435 - 8896)105-130150 mesh