• DFX Fluid System

    FluidControl’s DFX™ high-performance water-based drilling fluid system effectively delivers what the industry has long sought: An aqueous-based system that  approaches the performance characteristics of a  premium invert emulsion drilling fluid without the associated economic, environmental and logistical constraints.




    The FluidControl DFX high-performance water-based drilling fluid system effectively delivers what the industry has long sought: An aqueous-based system that approaches the performance characteristics of a premium invert emulsion drilling fluid without the associated economic, environmental and logistical constraints.

    In the most demanding deepwater, shelf and onshore applications, the highly inhibitive and ultra-versatile DFX system consistently provides a stable wellbore and does so with inhibition, lubricity and rates of penetration (ROP) strikingly similar to that of an oil or synthetic-based drilling fluid, and at a fraction of the costs. At the same time, the patented DFX system gives you the environmental and related economic advantages intrinsic to a water-based drilling fluid.

    The heart of the DFX water-based drilling fluid is a uniquely engineered, three-component surfactant package easily customized to meet any borehole condition. The novel and environmentally acceptable additives comprising the DFX surfactant package generate the performance measures essential for a true high-performance water-based drilling fluid:

    ROP: Low molecular weight synthetic oil with ROP enhancing surfactant

    Lubricity: Sulfonated tall oil with ester-blend friction reducer 

    Inhibition: Anti-accretion agent that is specially blended and tailored for expected downhole conditions

    What’s more, the DFX system delivers the optimum drilling efficiencies you would expect only from an invert emulsion fluid, but without the associated waste management limitations and costs.


    • Deepwater and sub-salt wells
    • Deep shelf wells
    • Unconventional shale and other land wells
    • Sensitive ecosystems
    • High-angle well paths
    • Drilling zones prone to lost circulation
    • Cost-intensive environments
    • Logistically-challenged areas

    Versatility sets the DFX system apart

    The tremendous versatility of the DFX water-based drilling fluid system makes it an ideal option for a wide range of applications from highly reactive deepwater sediments, to deep, high-temperature shelf wells to the multi-lateral wellbores typical of many onshore shale plays. 

    The DFX system is equally effective in all densities, up to the maximum for an aqueous fluid, and in make-up fluids from fresh water to saturated salt. The DFX system also can be formulated with a wide temperature range and has been shown to remain stable at up to 330°F. DFX systems have even been run effectively in a nearly non-dispersed state when unweighted and all the way up to fully dispersed systems. Extremely tolerant to contaminants, DFX is not wed to a single chloride environment and while typically run at low pH, in saturated salt environments it can be run at high pH with no adverse effects on its rheological profile.

    In addition, with coefficient of friction values nearly identical to those of a conventional synthetic-based drilling fluid, the DFX system has demonstrated marked reductions in torque and drag, allowing it to drill angles as high as 50° trouble-free.

    Ideal for the environment, and your AFE

    The high-performance DFX system meets all applicable offshore discharge regulations, and when used on land neither the cuttings or fluids require any special handling.This makes the DFX system the perfect option for sensitive ecosystems and in applications where the exorbitant costs of shipping cuttings to shore or trucking to an approved disposal site discourages the use of oil or synthetic-based drilling fluids. Owing to its highly inhibitive properties, the DFX system also exhibits dilution rates lower than those of a conventional water-based drilling fluid, compounding its already impressive environmental and economic benefits.

    Add to all that the savings generated when running a fluid that produces similar drilling rates, but at nearly a third of the per-barrel cost of a synthetic-based drilling fluid. There’s also the reduced NPT that otherwise would be spent dealing with wellbore stability issues and the often severe, and extremely expensive, losses of premium synthetic or oil-based fluid.

    To learn more about the extremely versatile DFX drilling fluid system and how it can help meet all your drilling environmental and economic objectives contact your nearest FluidControl representative.


    • Uniquely engineered, three-component surfactant package
    • Environmentally acceptable additives
    • Acid gas tolerant
    • Fresh water to saturated salt base fluids
    • Easily customized for borehole conditions
    • Meets all discharge requirements
    • Low coefficient of friction values
    • Patented technology
    • Wide density, temperature range
    • Requires no special handling
    • Near-OBM ROP
    • Reduces drilling, waste disposal costs
    • Enhances environmental profile
    • Minimizes NPT
    • Remains stable at elevated temperatures
    • Superior inhibition
    • Promotes wellbore stability
    • Easy to formulate, maintain
    • Lessens logistical constraints
    • Delivers high lubricity to reduce torque and drag
    • Ideal for range of applications
    • Reduces environmental liability


    Typical DFX Rheological Properties

    Base Fluid

    Fresh Water

    Saturated Salt

    Density (lb/gal)



    Funnel Viscosity



    Plastic Viscosity



    Yield Point






    HTHP Fluid Loss






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