• ECO-SYN STABLE Fluid System

    Imagine, a deepwater, environmentally friendly drilling fluid that practically operates on autopilot, freeing you from the hassles of having to constantly adjust rheologies to compensate for ever-changing temperatures and pressures. That’s precisely what you get from FluidControl’s ECO-SYNTM STABLE flat rheology synthetic-based drilling fluid system.



    Imagine, a deepwater, environmentally friendly drilling fluid that practically operates on autopilot, freeing you from the hassles of having to constantly adjust rheologies to compensate for ever-changing temperatures and pressures. That’s precisely what you get from FluidControl’s ECO-SYN STABLE flat rheology synthetic-based drilling fluid system.

    Fueled by our proprietary and ground-breaking Cold Flow rheology modifier, ECO-SYN STABLE maintains a consistently flat rheological profile, giving you stress-free management of equivalent circulating densities (ECD) in the extremely narrow fracture gradients intrinsic to the deep and ultra-deepwater.  In the most fragile formations, our distinctively-formulated ECO-SYN STABLE system sustains consistent and reliable rheologies, no matter if the temperature is 34°F or 300°F or if the pressure is 15 psi or 25,000 psi, allowing you to push casing seats deeper and keep firm control over ECD. 

    In narrow drilling windows, a consistently stable rheological profile translates into a stable wellbore and that’s exactly what ECO-SYN STABLE delivers. Of course, our ECO-SYN STABLE system produces the high rates of penetration (ROP) you expect from a high-performance synthetic-based drilling fluid. But, unlike conventional synthetic fluids, ECO-SYN STABLE functions very effectively, regardless of the temperature, allowing you to drill with comparably lower ECD. In thin fracture gradients this means dramatically reduced chances of differential sticking, severe loss of premium drilling fluid and the other wellbore instability problems that, considering the daily spread sheets for deepwater operations, can send the costs of non-productive time (NPT) through the stratosphere.

    The flexibility of ECO-SYN STABLE even allows us to formulate systems up to 17 lb/gal that maintain the persistent properties necessary, including 300°F-plus temperature stability, to successfully drill ultra-deepwater wells to more than 30,000 ft TD, making them ideal options for the Lower Tertiary and other frontier, ultra-deepwater plays. What’s more, ECO-SYN STABLE requires no special treatment, exhibiting the very same maintenance and solids-loading characteristics of a conventional synthetic-based drilling fluid.


    Deep and ultra-deepwater

    Sub-salt wells

    Narrow fracture gradients

    ECO-SYN STABLE also meets offshore discharge regs 

    As an internal olefin (IO) 16/18 synthetic, ECO-SYN STABLE is fully compliant with Gulf of Mexico National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulations, thereby making it permissible for on-site discharge.

    In addition, ECO-SYN STABLE requires less dilution than a standard invert emulsion further enhancing its environmental, and economic, advantages.

    All this is why deepwater operators continually look to ECO-SYN STABLE – the one flat-rheology synthetic-based drilling that truly operates independent of temperature and pressure to give you the ECD you can count on, every time.­­

    Cold Flow takes temperature out of the equation 

    Constantly juggling rheologies in a deepwater well to offset the tremendous difference between the seafloor and bottomhole temperatures can create havoc with ECD management. For instance, increasing the rheological properties to adjust from the cold seafloor to the comparatively hot downhole temperatures all-too-often promotes excessively high ECD and gels, which in turn results in all sorts of downhole problems in these narrow and easily fractured drilling windows.

    FluidControl’s new-generation Cold Flow rheology modifier puts those concerns to rest and is the primary reason ECO-SYN STABLE is regarded as the industry’s most versatile and cost-effective flat rheology synthetic-based drilling fluid.

    It can be said that our distinctive Cold Flow modifier is specially engineered to act much like a light switch. In other words, it activates at a certain temperature and automatically deactivates when the temperature drops, and does so without any special treatment or monitoring required.

    Compared to conventional synthetic-based fluids, Cold Flow allows the ECO-SYN STABLE system to be formulated with less viscosifying clay, which is inherently reactive to cold temperature. Since ECO-SYN STABLE does not react, even when seafloor temperatures plunge to as low as 34°F, it effectively negates the subsequent adverse impact on rheology, allowing operators to push casing seats deeper.

    With the ECO-SYN STABLE flat rheology synthetic-based drilling fluid system you also get the identical rheologies with the same solids content as its conventional counterparts. There’s no need to maintain low gravity solids 2 to 3% less than you normally would run with a synthetic fluid to achieve a flat rheological profile.  And, of course, the flat gel strengths likewise reduce surge and swab during tripping.

    Fann 75 data clearly illustrate the remarkable capacity of ECO-SYN STABLE to maintain consistent rheologies even in wells as deep as 32,000 ft TD and in water depths exceeding 8,000-ft. Time and time again, ECO-SYN STABLE comes through highly impressive readings in temperatures from 40°F to 240°F and in bottomhole pressures from 2300 to well over 20,000 psi.

    To learn more about how the ECO-SYN STABLE Flat Rheology Synthetic-Based Drilling Fluid System can help you meet all your drilling environmental and economic objectives contact your nearest FluidControl representative. 




      Powerful proprietary rheology modifier

      Optimizes ECD management

      IO 16/18 synthetic

      Reduces formation fracturing

      Consistent rheological profile

      Promotes wellbore stability

      Activates, deactivates with temperature

      Allows for deeper casing seats

      Flat gel strengths

      Reduces whole mud losses

      Reduced pressure spikes

      Improves drilling efficiency

      Functions independent of temperature, pressure

      Minimizes fluid-related NPT

      Requires less viscosfying clay

      Delivers high ROP

      Temperature stable to 300°F

      Complies with GOM discharge regulations

      SBM solids loading

      Eliminates adverse impact of temperature

      Non-temperature reactive

      Reduces instability-related costs

      Powerful proprietary rheology modifier

      Requires no special maintenance

      Enhances environmental performance


    Typical rheological properties, 14 lb/gal ECO-SYN STABLE flat rheology synthetic-based drilling fluid


    14 lb/gal

    Synthetic/water ratio


    PV/YP @ 150°F


    PV/YP @ 40°F


    HTHP fluid loss @250°F






    Electrical Stability


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