• Coiled Tubing Drilling (CTD) Downhole Pressure, Weight on Bit and Torque on Bit Sensor

    Our Coiled Tubing Drilling (CTD) downhole pressure and weight on bit/torque on bit sensor complements NOV’s line of wireline MWD and steering tools. In addition to providing accurate borehole and annular pressure, this instrument also offers a valuable insight into coiled tubing drilling operations by allowing real-time data on downhole vibrations, shocks, tension, and compression loads.

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    • Modular downhole instrument couples directly to the NOV wireline steering tool string 
    • Real-time measurements of weight on bit/torque on bit, annular pressure, and drillpipe pressure 
    • Axial and lateral shock/vibration sensors 
    • Temperature sensor 

    Real-time downhole measurements 

    • Tension and compression loads (fully compensated for drill bit pressure drop) 
    • High-accuracy bore and annular pressures 
    • Bottomhole assembly (BHA) shock and vibration


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