• BlackStar II MWD Tools

    NOV’s BlackStar™ II MWD product line expands upon the capabilities of the original BlackStar tools using lessons learned from more than a decade of drilling operations. The system has been reconceived to further enhance functionality and cost-effectiveness, using advanced electronics that enable additional measurement capabilities and increased performance.

    BlackStar II MWD tools are available in two configurations:

    BlackStar II EM MWD Tool   
    The BlackStar II electromagnetic (EM) MWD tool sends information to the surface through the earth’s crust using low-frequency EM waves. Information is received at a surface antenna, decoded, and then processed by a computer and distributed to the driller’s readout display without the encumbrance of mud or wire transmission. EM tools have no moving parts, allowing for use in air-drilling conditions or high lost-circulation material environments where mud-pulse (MP) tools are rendered inoperable. In addition, surveys can be transmitted during connections, minimizing the nonproductive time associated with conventional MP tools.

    BlackStar II Dual-telemetry MWD Tool   
    The BlackStar II dual-telemetry MWD tool combines the capabilities of both EM and MP data transmission to provide continuous drilling in the most challenging of conditions. The BlackStar II tool’s modular design allows flexibility in configuring the toolstring to maximize operational capabilities. Directional, drilling, and formation data are measured downhole and transmitted to surface as either EM waves or pressure pulses, where they are processed and displayed on the drilling console.


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    Downlinking options—EM and RPM

    • Provides flexibility 

    Diverse power management capabilities 

    • Enables increased power output (up to 40 watts) 
    • Offers the ability to shut down the transmitter while rotating 
    • Allows modules to operate from a single 28V battery stack 
    • Provides dual battery support 

    User-configurable options 

    • Offers multiple user-programmable frames: survey, steering, and rotation 
    • Allows for multiple open-circuit voltages in step increments 
    • Enables additional measurement channels: axial, radial, and total vibration 

    Gamma and pressure modules 

    • Integration of gamma (360° and DRG) module, with optional annular and internal pressure 

    Onboard memory logging 

    • Directional module – surveys stored in memory 
    • Gamma module – gamma ray stored in memory