• BlackStar EM MWD

    National Oilwell Varco is a world leader in downhole tools, services and technology. Our state-of-the-art BlackStar EM MWD™ system sets the standard for downhole data acquisition. 

    Combining the latest in EM technology with the most durable and efficient design on the market, BlackStar provides a cost-effective solution for EM MWD applications.

    MWD systems transmit data measurements from the bottom of the hole back to the surface to allow the driller to control and monitor the location and orientation of the drill bit. Traditional mudpulse MWD systems transmit information to the surface via pressure pulses in the field column.

    EM systems send information to the surface through the earth’s crust utilizing low frequency electromagnetic waves. Information is received at a surface antenna, decoded and then processed by a computer and distributed to the driller’s readout display without the encumbrance of mud or wire transmission.

    EM systems are the preferred MWD strategy in many applications, including:
    • Under-balanced drilling
    • Under-pressured formations
    • Vertical control drilling
    • Horizontal drilling
    • Coal Bed Methane (CBM)
    • Lost circulation
    • Directional drilling
    • Re-entry wells 

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    • Key data points including: 
             - Magnetic/gravity tool faces 
             - Near-bit inclination
             - Azimuth 
             - High side gamma
             - Low side gamma
             - Total gamma (directional and 360)
             - Annulus pressure
             - Vibration 
             - Downhole revolutions per minute
    • Variety of fluid conditions, such as:
             - Aerated mud
             - While pumping lost circulation material
    • Configurable to meet local field conditions
    • Variable data transmission speeds
    • Separate steering and survey frames
    • Compact and battery powered
    • Electronic design eliminates mechanical parts
    • Does not require pump pressure of flow
    • Data output in standard Wellsite Information Transfer Standard format
    • Can be used with a variety of tubular sizes


    Length: 30.75 ft (9.373 m) 

    Size: 1.875 in. (47.63 mm)

    Pressure rating: 20,000 psi (137,895 kPa)

    Power Lithium Battery: 80 to 130 operating hours, depending upon borehole conditions and transmitter power selection. Dual battery option available on 2006 series tools, providing up to 260 hours of operation.

    Operating Temperature: -20 to 150°C