• Commercial Sour Service Grade Drill Pipe


    XD™ is designed for the most severe H2S environments. Our XD grades feature restricted yield tool joints and a NACE TM0177 Method A-tested tube for optimum fracture toughness, controlled yield strength and restricted hardness. It is available in XD 95 and XD 105 with respective 95 and 105 ksi tube SMYS.

    TSS™ is a variation of our XD product, featuring a NACE-tested tube and API tool joints with a SMYS of 120 ksi. It is typically used in drilling applications where connection strength is required and H2S embrittlement is well mitigated. We offer TSS 95 and TSS 105 with respective 95 and 105 ksi tube SMYS.


    Grade Name   Tube SMYS (KSI)   Tube NACE TM0177   Tool Joint SMYS (KSI)   Tool Joint NACE TM0177
    XD 95   95 Method A, Solution A, 85% SMYS 105 Not applicable, controlled yield
    XD 105 105 Method A, Solution A, 70% SMYS 105 Not applicable, controlled yield
    TSS 95 95 Method A, Solution A, 85% SMYS 120 Not applicable
    TSS 105 105 Method A, Solution A, 70% SMYS 120 Not applicable
    The above table represents NACE specifications for Grant Prideco sour service grades.
    Conventional API high strength grades consistently fail NACE testing