• eXtreme™ Torque (XT™) Connection


    The Grant Prideco™ eXtreme™ Torque (XT™) connection is a patented, high-performance, rotary shouldered connection available in sizes from 2 3/8" to 6 5/8". The eXtreme Torque connection incorporates a second-generation double-shouldered design.

    A secondary internal shoulder on the nose of the pin offers an additional friction surface and mechanical stop. The primary external shoulder still serves as the connection's sealing surface. As shown in this figure, the eXtreme Torque design has an extended pin base, pin nose, and box counterbore. These sections are carefully engineered to provide additional elastic deformation during make-up. This ensures that the contact forces are properly proportioned between the two shoulder surfaces.

    The eXtreme Torque connection meets the requirements of the most extreme drilling applications: extended reach drilling (ERD), horizontal drilling, deep water, high temperature-high pressure (HTHP) and ultra-deep wells.


    User-friendly Tool Joint
    The XT™ is a conventional shoulder and thread connection. The XT spins up freely until shouldered, then is bucked up to the make-up torque. Make-up, running and break-out speeds of XT are similar to API connections.

    High Torsional Limit
    The XT connection offers significantly higher torsional capacity than standard API and Grant Prideco™'s HI-TORQUE™ connections. This additional strength provides the required torque for the most extreme drilling applications.

    Make Up Torque Comparison

    Slim Profile
    The XT's increased torsional strength allows for the use of a streamlined tool joint that is suitable for the pipe's torsional strength. XT connections can be configured with a smaller OD and larger ID compared to standard API connections without sacrificing torsional capacity. This allows a larger diameter drill pipe to be used for improved hydraulic performance.

    True Flush Inside Diameter
    There is no gap or change in the inside diameter from the box to the pin, creating a smoother flow with less turbulence. This also eliminates the recess in other connections where cement and solids can be trapped.

    Rugged Durability
    The robust XT design incorporated more steel in the critical areas of the connection resulting in less refacing and fewer recuts. In addition, because of the increased torsional capacity, the XT connection greatly extends the life of the joint by tolerating more OD wear.

    Field Repairable
    The XT can be refaced in an inspection yard or at the rig site with a portable refacing tool. This can save time and expenses by eliminating shipping and handling costs.


    eXtreme™ Torque Mechanical Characteristics

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