• AutoTally™

    100% Automated – 100% Correct
    Be absolutely, positively sure about the drill string length. At all times! AutoTally utilize RFID technology, cutting-edge information technology and advanced software to create a 100% accurate drill string tally in real time. No more missed depths. No more stuck pipe and twist off. Just accuracy and smooth operations.

    The “invisible” system
    We smoothly integrate the AutoTally system into all types of drill rigs. The well center antenna signal follows the pneumatic and hydraulic cables of the drill equipment. The Wi-Fi server can be placed anywhere within 30 meters of the antenna. The tablet displaying the live tally can easily be placed in the drill cabin.


    Components of the AutoTally revolution

    The RFID transponder is embedded in rotary drill stem elements. It is registered when it moves through the rotary table antenna. It withstands g-forces, well temperatures and pressures up to 205° C/400° F at 1550 bars/22 500 PSI.

    The antenna is placed on the master bushing without interfering with ongoing drilling operations. It can also be mounted on other rotary drilling equipment. The antenna reads the RFID tags with a speed of up to 2 m/s. Designed to overcome interference such as mud, fluid and steel.

    AutoTally server
    The RFID readings are transmitted from the antenna to the AutoTally server through a field cable. The AutoTally server performs all calculations and storage of tally and usage data, the driller will access the system through a tablet device using WiFi.

    The driller operates AutoTally on a tablet app with a simple user interface presenting tally, drill string length and any alerts in real time. Detailed information is easily available whenever needed.

    Power supply
    Every hardware component runs on all main global power supplies.

    Untagged equipment
    The data from untagged drill stem elements is manually added to the tally with the help of a PDA and fed into AutoTally.

    Joined for life
    The TracTag mount has been fully tested in extensive field trials. The tags are EX-certified.

    Bulletproof documentation
    AutoTally automatically generates a comprehensive drill log giving you the data required to post-simulate all operations performed.

    Onshore live monitoring
    Any master tally deviation can be addressed immediately keeping all parties up to date in real time.

    Optimal asset management
    Manufacturer data combined with 100% correct usage history enables optimal asset management for each drill pipe throughout its life cycle.

    Low maintenance
    The AutoTally system requires low maintenance. Set up for remote configurations, administration, maintenance and support.

    Correct information is the key to good business economy. TracID offers the most advanced, rugged and reliable RFID-based tracking solutions. We enable complete asset control. At all times and throughout the entire value chain.

    The most rugged RFID chip ever
    Used for more than 10 years in downhole applications – Trac Tag masters the most demanding conditions and requirements.

    1997 – First version used for initial testing of downhole conditions resistance tests

    1999 – First commercial downhole tag. (Still in use for tagging of different equipment and BHA, 2010)

    2003 – Prototype for automatic reading in well centre antenna

    2007 – First commercial DOTS tag 350° F, 15’000  PDI (Snorre B, Statfjord C)

    2009 – Improved transponder embedding

    2010 – Improved strength and shock resistance



    • Drill string inventory control
    • Complete asset history documentation
    • Easy planning and master tally set up
    • Optimised drill string design
    • Asset usability review


    • Simplifies tally management
    • Eliminates tally errors
    • 100% correct drill bit depth
    • Updates tally instantly
    • Alerts for out-of-spec equipment
    • Alerts for quarantined assets

    Post drilling

    • Accurate drill string documentation
    • Asset history documentation
    • Inspection advisory
    • Fatigue analysis
    • Enables condition based inspection
    • Experience base for optimizing drill string design