• Advanced Sour Service Grade Drill Pipe


    HS3™125 provides an extra 19% tensile capacity compared to that of previous 105 ksi Specified Minimum Yield Strength (SMYS) commercial grades. The controlled yield tool joints have the same strength that API specifies, delivering the full connection torque capacity.

    XS2™95 offers a completely SSC-resistant intervention and completion string. Intervention systems operate in environments that cannot always be controlled, and prolonged exposure to H2S may occur. With a weld area that is SSC-resistant, XS95 saves time and money in deepwater applications.




    Grade Name     Tube SMYS (ksi)Tube NACE TM0177Tool Joint SMYS (ksi)Tool Joint NACE TM0177
    HS3 125125Method A, Solution D, 80% SMYS120Not applicable, controlled yield
    XS2 9595Method A, Solution A, 85% SMYS110Method A, Solution A, 65% SMYS


    The above table represents NACE Specifications for Grant Prideco advanced sour service grades. 
    Conventional API high strength grades consistently fail NACE testing.