• NACE Testing


    The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) presents guidelines for material selection (NACE MR0175) and testing parameters (NACE TM0177) of sour service products. 

    The NACE testing procedure preferred for drill pipe is Method A (Tensile Test). Method A is a 720 hours tensile test in an H2S solution. Grant Prideco requires that the first tested specimen passes; otherwise 2 additional 720 hour tensile test must be completed. 

    The results from the Method A test are qualitative: a specimen either passes or fails. 

    The test specimens are placed in different H2S solutions depending on the type of sour service product. Most sour service products are tested in Solution A: 100% H₂S, pH 2.7. Our new high strength sour service (HS3™), however, is tested in API 5CT alternative Solution D: 7% H₂S, pH 4.0 (in region 3 of environmental severity graph).