• Heavy Weight Sour Service Grade Drill Pipe


    eXtreme Drilling XD™ 90  is a proprietary Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP) product offered by Grant Prideco for service in H 2 S environments.  XD™90 is available in both Standard, Tri-Spiral™ and SPIRAL-WATE™.

    XD 90 is an ideal solution for sour service environments in which wear resistance, weight and flexibility are required. Available for standard and spiral product, XD 90 material features a tempered martensitic micrrostructure for enhanced fracture toughness along with a controlled yield strength and resitricted hardness.



    Grade Name   Tube SMYS (KSI) Tube NACE TM0177   Tool Joint SMYS (KSI) Tool Joint NACE TM0177 
    XD 90 90 Method A, Solution A, 85% SMYS 100 Not applicable, controlled yield