• Sequencing Valve


    The Flow Activated Sequencing Valve is designed to actuate downhole coiled tubing tools at a predetermined pressure and to operate as a controlled bleed valve when bleeding down internal coil pressure.


    The Flow Activated Sequencing Valve is a 'normally open' valve which allows circulation through the tool to the annulus, whilst running into the well. Once a pre-determined differential pressure is exceeded, the flow path to the annulus is closed and diverted into the internal bore of the toolstring, thereby enabling hydraulic activation of any tools in the lower and upper end of the tool string.


    When pulling a toolstring out of the well, a Sequencing Valve can be used to safely bleed off internal coil pressure. When the coil pressure is decreased to a pre-determined pressure, the Sequencing Valve opens and allows bleed through its bypass ports. Therefore during bleed down the internal / external pressures are balanced, thus eliminating the possibility of prematurely releasing flow activated manipulation tools in the lubricator.


    The closing differential pressure of the Sequencing Valve can be field adjusted to between 500 to 2000psi.





    • 'Normally Open' allowing circulation to the annulus whilst running into well bore
    • Flow activated, no drop ball required
    • Simple field adjustment of closing differential pressure
    • Quick to dump internal coil pressure at the tool
    • Eliminates the possibility of dropping tools in the lubricator
    • Suitable for fluid & gas applications


     When ordering Sequencing Valves please specify:

    • Size
    • Thread connection