• Internal Slip Connector


    Unlike existing slip connectors, the Internal Slip Connector does not rely on grub screws to transmit torque from the toolstring through to the coiled tubing. This feature is provided through a unique non-rotational slip arrangement providing high bi-directional torque resistance. The slip is positively engaged into the bottom sub via drive teeth, therefore transmitting any rotational torque from the toolstring directly to the pipe.


    The basic installation to the coiled tubing does not require any specialized tooling or make-up torque. The connector is simply fitted to the pipe and an overpull taken to test and set the connector.


    The Internal Slip Connector also has only 4 main components and includes an enclosed lock nut feature to prevent the connector from being jarred free from the pipe.


    Both Internal and External versions of the Slip Connector feature an interchangeable service connection sub allowing the operator to easily change from one thread connection to another.



    • High tensile strength

    • Internal pressure seal

    • Replaceable slips


    When ordering a Torconnect Internal Slip Connector please specify:

    • Size
    • Coiled tubing size & wall thickness
    • Thread connection