• Floating Fluted Centralizer


    The floating fluted centralizer is a CT tool designed to ensure that the work string and BHA is at its most central position, especially during operations in deviated wells.

    The floating fluted centralizer comprises a central carrier mandrel capable of housing a number of interchangeable, floating slip-over fluted centralizers of different size ODs. As such, it is more versatile and economical than a single-piece centralizer.

    Normally attached to the toolstring just above the running/pulling tool or fishing tool, the floating centralizer OD is machined to suit the ID of the tubing in which it is to be run. This allows the tool to be used as a tubing drift or gauge in addition to centralizing the toolstring.


    • Single mandrel suits multiple centralizer diameters

    • Tool string can be oriented without rotating the centralizer

    • Bore diameter is maintained