• BowenTerraForce ™ Coiled Tubing Jar


    The BowenTerraForce™ coiled tubing drilling jar is a bi-directional hydraulic CT jarring assembly designed to operate in conjunction with the NOV coiled tubing jar intensifier. This jar’s unique design allows for easy, dependable, hard-hitting operation with no setting or adjustment required before going in the hole or during operation. The assembly allows the operator to easily control the intensity of jarring impacts by varying the applied load.

    The jar can deliver a wide range of impacts, from low to very high impact and impulse forces. The new spline design increases torque capability and transfers stresses away from critical jarring components. The downstroke has been optimized for a shorter overall tool length, making this tool ideal for milling applications or fishing applications where up jarring is the primary requirement.

    To complement the TerraForce CT jar, we have designed a jar placement program that provides impacts at the stuck point for service companies and operators to use.


    • Full hydraulic operation

    • Variable impact control

    • A series of impacts can be applied without having to apply the reverse jarring cycle

    • Class-leading torque handling capabilities

    • Overall length has been optimized to fit in typical milling BHAs