• Flow Activated Releasable Fishing / Bulldog Spear


    The Flow Activated Releasable Fishing/Bulldog Spear is a variable catch internal spear used to retrieve a lost cylindrical fish from the well bore.


    A complete range of slips is available for each size tool. To operate simply run into the fish and set down weight, pick up, and retrieve the fish.


    To release from the fish simply set down weight, circulate in conjunction with a Hydraulic Sequencing Tool above the spear. The spear will then release due to the flow created differential.


    A complete range of hardened slips are available for each size tool. See table on page 87 for slip and catch size details.





    • Flow or drop ball activated
    • Hardened & double tempered slips
    • Robust construction
    • Variable slip sizes for each tool


     When ordering Flow Activated Releasable Fishing/Bulldog Spears please specify:

    • Size
    • Thread connection
    • Additional Slips Required