• Tilt Vise


    Built with durability and ease of operation in mind, the Tilt Vise is a floor mounted, hydraulically operated vise that is capable of holding a variety of tubular components while service work is being performed.
    The Tilt Vise is able to apply a maximum clamping force of up to 100,000 pounds and can accommodate a load capacity of up to 70,000 pounds. In addition to the high clamping force and load capacity, the Tilt Vise has a unique design that allows the head of the vise to tilt back. The backward tilt of the vise head allows for tools to be loaded into the vise from a vertical position. Vertical loading is ideal for heavy components that generally require service cranes in order to be moved.


    •Can accommodate tools 3"-13" in diameter
    •Max clamping force of 100,000 lbs.
    •Torque capacity of 20,000 ft/lb
    •Load capacity of 70,000 lbs. (94,900 Nm)