• Drilling and Fishing Jar Tester


    Downhole Jar Tester units are rugged, self-contained units designed to test the proper operation of fishing jars, drilling jars and other downhole drilling tools. The horizontal main frame and attached hydraulic cylinder efficiently applies tension and compression forces in direct axial alignment with the test piece.
    Each Jar Tester unit is designed for safe and efficient operation by one person from a low pressure, electric powered, standalone hydraulic control console. These test units can also be operated as an accessory to the NOV Model 1689 and 8025 TorqueMaster™ make-up/break-out unit consoles.
    Test nubbins are needed to connect the test piece to the unit are sold separately and should be specified with size and connection type at time of inquiry.
    For inquiries, please contact your local NOV sales representative or email: DH-ServiceEquipment@nov.com


    • Operated by One Person – Safe and easy to use
    • Simple and Clean Design – Simple frame design and control options can accommodate any shop space
    • Adjustable – Head and tail carriages can be adjusted to accommodate varying tool lengths. Frame extensions are available to accommodate longer tools.
    • Full Function Testing – Capable of testing in both tension and compression
    • Variable Force Control – Test force can be adjusted to attain desired force for proper testing
    • Recordable Test Results – Log II or standard chart recorder



    Drilling and Fishing Jar Tester Tech Specs

    Max Force – Tension206,000 lbs206,000 lbs130,000 lbs130,000 lbs
    Max Force – Compression235,000 lbs235,000 lbs150,000 lbs150,000 lbs
    Operating Pressure(max)3,200 psi3,200 psi3,200 psi3,200 psi
    Max Tool Diameter14"14"12"12"
    Max Tool Length30'34'24'16'
    Frame Type2–pc fixed2–pc fixed2–pc fixedTelescoping
    Frame Length39'–8"43'–8"31'22'–9" Extended – 14'–10" Collapsed
    Frame Width48"48"38"30"
    Frame Height19"19"15"17"
    Console 8067–0100 – Dims(L x W x H)30" x 24¼" x 48"The same console is used fo rall models shown. Max one console per unit
    Console 8067–0100 – weight980 lbs980 lbs980 lbs980 lbs