• Coiled Tubing Jar Tester


    The Coiled Tubing Jar Tester is a rugged, self-contained unit designed to test the operation of coiled tubing drilling jars. The horizontal main frame includes a hydraulic cylinder that applies tension and compression forces in direct axial alignment with the test piece.
    The cylinder is balanced and applies the same force in both tension and compression. This allows for use with an optional chart recorder or digital logging tool to record the load applied by the cylinder.
    The Coiled Tubing Jar Tester is safely and efficiently operated by one person from a low pressure, electric powered, standalone hydraulic control console.
    For inquiries, please contact your local NOV sales representative or email: DH-ServiceEquipment@nov.com


    • Operated by One Person – Safe and easy to use
    • Compact Design – Simple frame design and standalone console can accommodate any shop space
    • Recordable Test Results – Log II or standard chart recorder



    Coiled Tubing Jar Tester

    Maximum Force Tension50,000 lbs
    Maximum Force Compression 50,00050,000 lbs
    Maximum Operating Pressure3,000 PSI
    Tool Diameter Capacity 1 1115" to 12"
    Tool Length Capacity24" to 132"
    Frame Length (Including Cylinder)18' - 8"
    Dimensions(W x H)46" x 36"
    Weight 1,340 lbs