• PowerPLUS™ Motors


    The PowerPLUS Drilling Motor features an advanced elastomer power section delivering increased torque, power, and efficiency. The elastomer provides a combination of increased strength and rigidity, and improved fluid resistance. The increased mechanical and chemical properties of the power section elastomer provides the ability to drill through tough formations with high reliability.

    Delivering increased rate of penetration at a consistent RPM, the PowerPLUS Drilling Motor is suited for straight and directional drilling, hot hole applications, and invert mud systems. Extensive research and testing drove the design of PowerPLUS Motors:

    • Elastomer Formulation Tests
    • Fluid Immersion Tests
    • Endurance Tests
    • Performance Research
    • Field Tests





    • Advanced Elastomer Power Section
    • Ultra-Duty Driveshaft Assembly
    • Increased OD Adjustable Assembly
    • Ultra-Duty Bearing Assembly Options


    • Improved Drilling Performance (50% more power at 50%more pressure) delivering higher ROP
    • Higher Torque Capacity
    • More than Twice as Strong as Conventional Driveshaft Assemblies
    • Reduced Maintenance
    • Increased Reliability
    • Compatible with Invert Mud Systems



    Contact your local NOV Downhole representative for configuration specifications and availability.