• Oil Lube Bearing Assemblies

    NOV Downhole is a worldwide supplier of Oil Lubricated Drilling motors. 

    NOV Downhole is a worldwide supplier of Oil Lubricated Drilling motors. The Oil-Lubricated Bearing Assembly is capable of withstanding extreme radial and axial loads. Due to the design and axial capacity of the bearing assembly, it is not necessary to balance bit force against pump-open force. Bearing Assemblies are fully oil bath lubricated, sealed and pressure balanced. Since no drilling fluid flows through the bearing assembly, motor bearing life is extended and bit hydraulics are maximized.

    The short length of the bearing assembly keeps the adjustable housing close to the bit and provides better control of the angle build rate and motor steerability.

    With over 80 different configurations, NOV has the largest motor selection in the industry, - ranging from 1-11/16" O.D. to 11-1/4" O.D.



    • Sealed oil-lubricated bearing assembly
    • Contaminant-free bearing stack
    • Greater reliability
    • Greater power transmission
    • Longer motor life
    • Increased efficiency


    NOV Downhole motors are designed for maximum performance in:
    • Directional, horizontal, straight hole, and short radius drilling
    • Under-balanced, air, nitrogen, and coil tubing drilling
    • River crossings, trenchless construction and utility boring
    • Methane release drilling and mining, pipeline and environmental applications
    NOV Downhole provides slim hole motors designed to work on coiled tubing or in production services operations. NOV's short stack length is ideally suited for use when injector height is a concern. Our power section offering ensures that you have the right power and speed for milling, drilling or cleanout operations.
    At National Oilwell Varco we are pioneers at exceeding expectations for reliable field tools through extensive quality control and precision testing - long before our products get to you, our valued customer. Quality assurance and positive customer feedback fuels the established pride of our technical advisors and staff.

    Peak Performance
    Better results yielding superior output equals a greater return on your investment. Customers demand maximum field results. We recognize that knowing how and when to maximize equipment output in the field is critical to avoiding damage that may result in costly downtime. Black Max Directional Mud Motors provide directional customers with the versatility to tailor the motor to the specific directional application. With our combinations of power sections, field adjustable bent housings, rig replaceable near bit stabilizers and our short bit to bend distance, drillers have the exact tool to perform the job to the highest quality expected of their customers.
    NOV Downhole Directional Mud Motors have drilled short, medium and high angle wells in build rates up to 90 degrees/100 ft. The short bit to bend angle and application specific power sections allow the driller to minimize his drilling time in the curve.

    Proven Support
    NOV service shops set the industry standard by offering advanced testing, expertise and on-call technical advice. In-house operational testing ensures every National Oilwell Varco motor arrives at the location ready to work, every time.