• Mud Lube Bearing Assemblies


    NOV's Mud Motors are designed with a mud lubricated bearing assembly to withstand:  
    • Extreme drilling conditions  
    • High bottom hole temperatures  
    • High operating torques  
    • High weight-on-bit loads         
    This makes it suitable to use with Positive Displacement Power Sections or Turbines. The Bearing Assembly features a high precision bi-directional angular contact bearing pack that gives a uniform load distribution and high weight on bit capacity. In addition, this mud lubricated bearing assembly is radially supported over its entire length and can, therefore, tolerate very high side loads.

    Bi-directional angular contact thrust bearings are used in this bearing assembly to accommodate weight-on-bit loads and radial loads. An optional near bit stabilizer or eccentric pad can be used with the motor.


    Designed using state of the art technology
    Ball Bearings generate less friction than carbide/diamond button bearings
    Bi-Directional Angular Contact Bearing Pack - Tensile or compression load is supported by all 14 Bearings
    Bearing Assembly is radially supported over its entire length
    Special Tungsten Carbide Flow Restrictors - Highly resistant to wear, inherently stronger than our competitor's tool.
    Short bit-to-bend length
    Increased reliability - No Belleville Springs, our Motors have logged thousands of drilling hours in the harshest conditions
    Maximum operating temperature is 350 degrees Fahrenheit (Limited by power section operating temperature)
    Can be run with Positive Displacement Power Sections or Turbines


    Higher operating temperatures
    Higher radial load capacity
    Easy to service; Beneficial in remote locations
    No chain reaction failures
    Versatile; Operates in a wide variety of drilling fluids
    Higher dynamic weight-on-bit capacity
    All National Oilwell Varco mud motors are designed, manufactured and tested in conformance with ISO 9001 and API specifications. Please contact your nearest National Oilwell Varco Downhole Tool representative for further details on Mud Lubricated Motors or any other innovative products in our Downhole Tools product line.