• Bowen ™ SPK Mill


    The new Bowen™ SPK mill from NOV is designed to help you mill Baker Hughes SHADOW™* frac plugs. Featuring tungsten carbide insert  technology and optimized to run with NOV CT motors, the Bowen SPK mill offers high ROP and durability so you can mill multiple plugs in a single run. These mills are stall resistant and sized to ensure the drift ID is obtained.


    "*SHADOW is a trademark of Baker Hughes Incorporated. NOV is not associated or affiliated with Baker Hughes Incorporated or their affiliates, and Baker Hughes Incorporated does not endorse NOV’s SPK mill product. The SPK mill is solely manufactured by NOV.



    Greater efficiency – Mill multiple plugs in a single run

    Optimized performance – Designed for use on NOV CT motors

    Durable design – Tungsten carbide insert technology

    Reliable milling – Stall resistant design

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