• FluidHammer Intensifier


    The FluidHammer Intensifier is used in conjunction with the Coil Tubing FluidHammer Impact Jar, its purpose being to provide the necessary tool movement and acceleration for the FluidHammer to operate efficiently. This is achieved by storing upward energy in the discs and compression spring that will impart a predictable downward blow.


    Operations where large diameter / heavy wall coil is used may require an extra intensifier to optimize the performance of the FluidHammer Impact Jar.


    The full 'pump thru' capability of the Intensifier is compatible with the FluidHammer Impact Jar.




    • Full flow through bore
    • Maximized Stroke
    • High sit down load
    • Simple redress
    • Only one dynamic seal


    When ordering Roto-Hammer Intensifiers please specify:

    • Size
    • Thread Connection