• Twin Flapper Check Valve


    The twin flapper check valve is a standard coiled tubing string component. It provides a means of preventing the back flow of well fluids into the coiled tubing.

    The design of the twin flapper check valve incorporates a dual sealing system in each flapper assembly for increased safety. A non-stick seal provides the primary low pressure seal, while at higher pressure the flapper seals into a metal-to-metal arrangement.

    Maximum flow area through the flapper cartridges reduces unnecessary back pressure on the surface pumps. The flow path through the flapper cartridges does not restrict the passage of balls or darts if required during operations such as cementing.


    • Full flow through bore

    • Dual sealing in each flapper cartridge (low pressure seat/seal and high pressure full metal-to-metal seat/seal)

    • Full bore fluid passage for balls, darts and plugs

    • Removable flapper cartridges


    When ordering Twin Flapper Check Valves please specify:

    • Size
    • Thread connection