• RST495

    NOV's Rotary Support Tables provides power to turn the drillstring on the drillfloor.

    Tool, where applicable, updated in accordance with governing API standards

    The rotary motion and power are transmitted through the kelly bushing and the kelly to the drillstring. Almost all rigs today have a rotary table, either as primary or as a support system for rotating the drillstring.


    • Smaller, lighter and more cost effective for top drive equipped rigs
    • Uses hydraulic motors directly geared to the rotary drive gear
    • Eliminates the transmission and the drive train
    • Standard hydraulic operated lock permits the table to be locked at any position, in both directions
    • Reduces the rotary skid size
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Hydraulic dynamic slip ring allows operation of PS21/30 power slip without manually breaking/making hydraulic connections, except RST755 + False
    • Central lubrication system allows easy greasing of all moving RST-parts
    • Maximum back-up torque on locks is 120,000 ft-lbs.; RST375 max. 80,000 ft-lbs
    • Can be ordered with solid or hinged adapter in size range from 37.1/2" to 75.1/2"
    • External skid mounted hydraulic hook up kit (HUK) for easy maintenance
    • PS21/30 controls are included in the control station
    • Recessed tracks optional
    • PS Power Slip Autogreasing System available