• Power Slip Frame

    The Power Slip Frame is a light weight, compact design for easy handling of power slips.

    Tool, where applicable, updated in accordance with governing API standards

    • Ease of use: The Power Slip Frame's light weight and compact design make it the perfect addition to your rig floor and is specially designed for easy installation and optimum performance. Innovative features and functional design combine to deliver efficient slip operations.
    • Operation: The slips can be operated from anywhere on the drill floor via electro-hydraulic remote control located on the NOV Iron Roughneck control panel or operated manually by foot pedal or hand operated control valve. Additionally, the slips can be operated with Top Drive Drilling Systems.
    • Increased Safety: Moving personnel away from well center during drilling operations increases personnel safety and reduces potential hazards. Crew fatigue is minimized by reducing the time and energy required for manual slip operations.


    • Light weight
    • Low profile, compact design
    • Does not extend beyond rotary table
    • Utilizes existing manual slips
    • Easily disconnects from hydraulic power
    • Reduces crew fatigue and promotes safer operations
    • Remote control from drill floor or driller's cabin
    • Ease of installation
    • Can remain on rotary table during drilling when using a top drive


    Weight, without slip 365 / 166
    Pipe Size Capacity2.3/8" to 7" (with simple adapters required for the range)
    Control interface Hook Up Kit or manually by foot pedal or hand operated control valve

    Required hydraulic flow [gpm / lpm]

    3 / 11.4

    Minimum pressure [psi / kPa]

    600 / 4,137

    Maximum pressure [psi / kPa]800 / 5,500