• PS-21 Power Slip

    The PS-21 Power Slip improves both safety and rig efficiency by providing a reliable automated hydraulic solution for running a full range of tubulars downhole.

    Tool, where applicable, updated in accordance with governing API standards

    Enhanced Safety:

    • Installs flush with the drill floor, eliminating work platforms during casing running operations so your crew does not have to work from an unsafe elevation¬†
    • Gives your crew more room on the drill floor
    • Controlled via control panel, which can be located in the driller's console or stand alone

    Improved Efficiency and Versatility:

    • Available in all rotary configurations
    • Handles all tubulars from 2-3/8" through 14"
    • Can change slips quickly and insert carriers in less than five minutes for added time savings

    Insert Carriers Make This a Universal Tool, Not Just Another Power Slip:

    • Can trip an entire string through quick changeovers from BHAs to collars to drill pipe
    • Can change insert carriers with pipe in the hole for added convenience
    • Eliminates loose pieces such as bolts and pins using a special "drop and lock, pull and release" design
    • Can be fitted with insert bowls should it become necessary to use hand slips

    Centering Device:

    • Equipped with a centering device in the top cover that centers pipe so slips can establish safe firm grasp

    Slip Set-back:

    • Allows tool joints, BHAs, casing centralizers and drill pipe protectors to pass through without dragging on the inserts to help preserve equipment


    • 37-1/2" rotary size
    • 2-3/8" through 14" size range for all tubulars
    • 500 ton load rating
    • 45,000 ft-lbs maximum torque
    • 10 tons power down force generated to assist with tubular backup
    • Optional hand slip bowls available
    • 2500 psi, 10 GPM flow rate hydraulic requirements