• Tub Mounted Crane

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    With lifting capabilities over 1000 mT, this crane provides safe operation, high performance, and the best overall results for a crane in its class. Equipped with NOV’s leading technology, the unit is designed to safely transfer equipment from deck to deck in the harsh offshore environment. 

    The Tub Mounted Crane may be used on a wide variety of installations.


    • Best Operating Capacity to Crane Weight ratio
    • Alternative Boom Length possible
    • Alternative number of hooks, i.e., Main, Auxiliaries & Whip
    • NOV e-Hawk systems available
    • Eliminated Counterweight (via active Hook Rollers)
    • Alternative power (AC VFD, DC SCR, Diesel Mechanical)
    • Deepwater Hook Travel feature available
    • Active Heave Compensation systems available
    • Increased radius TieBack systems available
    • Various Certifying agencies possible (ABS, DNV, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, CCS,  etc.


    Model 50 – 2000MT to 29.0 meters

    Model 66 – 3000MT to 25.5 meters

    Model 80 – 3800MT to 29.9 meters

    Model 78 – 5000MT to 40.0 meters