• HPU-O-2

    The system is an open loop hydraulic system.


    The hydraulic power unit (HPU) is a skid mounted free-standing hydraulic power pack that is designed to feed the hydraulic ringline. The system is an open loop hydraulic system.


    HPU skid
    The HPU has a self bearing steel frame designed for bolting to deck, including four lifting brackets for handling. The hydraulic oil tank is made of stainless steel, while the skid is made of carbon steel.

    Control System and PLC Software
    The control system is located in the control cabinet in the local instrument room (LIR). The HPU is supplied with an electrical cabinet that is located on the HPU skid.

    The HPU is operated from the operator station located in the driller’s cabin or locally at the skid.

    Continuous Oil Circulation System
    The circulation circuit provides cooling and filtration of the hydraulic oil and flushing of the ringline pumps.

    Axial Piston Pumps
    Efficient and compact design with adjustable displacement


    Area classificationSAFE AREA (options for Exx sone 2 –IIB-T3)
    CleanlinessISO 17/15/12 (NAS 1638 Class 6)
    Oil temperature40-60 degrees Celsius
    Weight, dry [kg3,500 approx
    Equipment size (L x W x H) [in]1,800 x 2,290 x 2,220
    Normal oil level [liter]1,000-1,500
    Max. Hydr. ringline flow rate [l/min.]500 (2 x 250)
    Normal operating pressure [barg.]207
    Voltage [V]400-690
    Frequency [Hz]60
    Electrical power - Motor heating [Hp]204,3 + 18 (2 x 99+ 6,3) 230V (100W)
    Cooling medium/typeFresh water
    Max inlet temperature36 degrees Celsius
    Required cooling medium flow rate100 l/min
    Max oil flow300 l/min.
    Max water pressure10 bar
    Max heat transfer at max oil temp50 kW
    Cooling medium/typeSea Water
    Max inlet temperature28 degrees Celsius