• HE100-4-150VHP-600G-AC

    The system is an open loop hydraulic system.


    The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is a skid mounted free-standing unit designed to feed high pressure hydraulic oil, with appropriate cleanness, to the drilling equipment ring line system (open loop type). The HPU skid is a self-bearing steel frame with lifting brackets. This design eases deck interface, installation and handling. The unit is designed for locations in both safe zones or hazardous areas and may be operated locally or remotely from driller’s cabin.


    Area classificationExplosion proof UL Class 1 Div
    CleanlinessISO 17/15/12 (NAS 1638 Class 6)
    Ambient rating-20 to 55 degrees Celsius
    Weight, dry [kg]8,620 approx (19,000 lbs)
    Equipment size (L x W x H) [mm]4,470 x 2,220 x 1,990 (176” x 87.5” x 78.38”)
    Usable oil volume [liter]2,270 (600 gal.)
    Max. Hydr. ringline flow rate [l/min.]1,060 (4 x 265) (280 gpm)
    Normal operating pressure [barg.]207 (3,000 psi)
    Voltage [V]460
    Frequency [Hz]60
    Electrical power - Motor heating [Hp]400 (4 x 100)
    Cooling medium/typeAir
    Cooling oil flow [l/min.]76 x 4 (20 gpm x 4)
    Max heat transfer at max oil temp4 x 25 Hp