• Service and Access Baskets

    The Service and Access Baskets (SAB) are designed to lift and position personnel. This gives you access for service both in the derrick and moonpool areas.

    The SAB has a vertical reach from the drill floor up to approximately 15 m above DF. The operator enters and leaves the basket at drill floor level. An optional guide rail/hoist arrangement allows for further elevation of the arm.  The SAB consists of a steel basket, telescopic boom, foundation and one remote control panel. The SAB uses hydraulic cylinders for tilting and telescoping. Swing movement is performed either by cylinder or motor. The SAB is designed for the rated load plus additional dynamic forces. The SAB is fitted with all relevant safety features to prevent an accidental drop of the basket due to loss of hydraulic pressure, or hose or pipe bursting.


    • Uses hydraulic cylinders for tilting and telescoping
    • Uses cylinder or motor for swinging
    • Main control panel located in basket
    • Separate remote control
    • Emergency stop valve located in the basket and on remote panel
    • SWL ranges from 250 to 300 kg
    • Robust design


    • Weight: 2350 kg
    • Dimensions: 6 m x 1.5 m x 2 m
    • Reach: 10.7 m ( 13.0 m)