• SSGD-750 AC Gear Driven Drawworks

    The AC electric powered single speed gear driven SSGD-750 Drawworks offers a design unique to the industry.

    The AC electric powered single speed gear driven SSGD-750 Drawworks offers a design unique to the industry. By overpowering a drawworks with AC motors, we are able to create a single shaft, single speed drawworks with hoisting performance comparable to a conventional drawworks. The result is a simple design with few mechanical parts, a small footprint and low weight. These drawworks require minimal maintenance, are entirely self-contained and completely enclosed.



    Electric Motors:

    The SSGD 750 Drawworks is equipped with 4 ea. GEB-22A1 (General Electric) alternating current (AC) motors (other motors will be available on request). Continuous rating is 845 kW (1150 hp), 600 VAC, 1024 A at 800 rpm. The motors are Exe motors with forced air cooling. The motors have installed temperature sensors (PT100 elements) in the stator windings. Encoders are mounted at the motor non-drive end for measuring the motor speed. The speed feedback from the encoder gives input to the frequency converters for optimal regulation of the AC-motor parameters.


    Motor Cooling Blowers:

    One blower skid assembly, is provided for cooling of the 4 motors and ventilation of the enclosure. The skid consists of two blowers, backdraft dampers, high efficiency weather louvers and an outlet plenum chamber. Two centrifugal blowers, one duty and one stand-by, are connected to a common duct leading to the drawworks enclosure. A plenum chamber on the roof of the enclosure splits the ducting into a separate duct for each of the GE-motors. A damper is provided between the plenum chamber and the GE-motors for isolation of the motors.


    Safety Philosophy:

    The Drawworks Control System, is designed to provide enhanced safety and integrity for the operation, machinery, and the personnel onboard the platform. This is achieved by an active control philosophy with equipment self checks and monitoring, and by extended use of redundancy for the Drilling Control Interface PLC to enable interlocks with other machines on the drillfloor (anti-collision).


    The primary safety requirement for the SSGD-Drawworks is that 'one single point of failure shall not cause any hazardous condition leading to either personnel injury or any damage to the equipment'.


    The SSGD-Drawwork is designed as a lifting device for drilling operations with fail-safe spring applied brakes.


    Shut-down Logic:

    The Drawworks is designed for a fail safe operation where the safe condition is that the drawworks is parked with the brakes set, i.e. in case of a servere fault condition of the drawworks system, the drawworks control system will set the brakes and turn the drawworks off.


    The drawworks is equipped with many devices for monitoring of the drawworks and related equipment conditions. A failure on simple devices which does not influence the safety of the equipment or people on board will normally only give alarms on the Cyberbase screen. Other, more critical failures, will result in different actions from the control system depending on which operational mode is active, combined with continued warning to the driller as described below.

    • Alarms leading to de-activation of a specific mode of the machine.
    • Alarms leading to a de-activation of modes and shut-down of the machine in a normal manner.
    • Alarms leading to activation of the Fail safe disck brakes.




    Continuous  Horsepower


    Number of Motors


    2nd Layer Hook Load (Tons)


    12 Lines


    14 Lines


    Drawworks Dimensions L x W (in)

    290" x 154"

    Drum Dimensions Dia x L (in)

    57" x 82"

    Weight (lbs)