• AC Gear Driven Drawworks

    National Oilwell Varco's ADS and SSGD lines of AC Electric Gear Driven Drawworks offer cutting edge technology to the drilling industry. These drawworks provide the following benefits:

    • AC-powered motors that provide significantly more performance and have made possible a machine that requires approximately half the space and weight with lower maintenance than traditional drawworks
    • Unique AC-power control characteristics, such as regenerative braking and load holding without using the friction brakes
    • Sophisticated braking systems offering precise control, while maximizing safety

    ADS AC Electric Gear Driven Drawworks

    The ADS family of hoisting systems represents the next step in National Oilwell Varco's strategy to continuously advance the efficiency, productivity and safety of the drilling process. National Oilwell Varco applied the same advanced technology they used to design their AC top drives and automated pipe handling system to the hoisting process. The result is a feature-rich hoisting system that dramatically reduces time-to-depth and provides drillers with enhanced hoisting control capabilities.

    SSGD AC Electric Gear Driven Drawworks

    The AC electric powered Single Speed Gear Driven (SSGD) Drawworks offers a design unique to the industry. By overpowering a drawworks with AC motors, we are able to create a single shaft, single speed drawworks with hoisting performance comparable to a convention drawworks. The result is a simple design with few mechanical parts, a small footprint and light weight. These drawworks require minimal maintenance, are entirely self-contained and completely enclosed. Fail safe spring applied disc brakes are utilized for parking and emergency only.

    DSGD AC Electric Gear Driven Drawworks

    NOV's new Dual Speed Gear Driven™ (DSGD) Drawworks are setting new standards in the drilling industry. These AC drawworks feature a two-speed helical gearbox mounted directly on the drum shaft which is ideal for any application where size and weight are critical factors. The two-speed functionality provides both extremely fast hoisting speeds and heavy hook load hoisting capabilities. The simple design of the DSGD Drawworks allows for easy operation and maintenance. Both transverse and longitudinal skid configurations are available to fit any substructure design.

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