• Drawworks

    We offer three basic drawwork concepts which provide our customers with the most advanced drawworks in the industry:

    Active Heave Drilling Drawworks (AHD) combine the latest technology in controls and design. These drawworks eliminate the need for overhead motion compensation machinery. In addition, braking energy is regenerated and feed back into the drilling rig electrical system which increases overall rig efficiency. And due to active heave compensation the "drilling operational window" is increased by allowing drilling programs to continue in heavier seas than conventional drawworks.

    Drilling Drawworks are skid mounted and designed for continuous drilling service. NOV offers customized designs per customer specifications or standard models.

    Workover Drawworks are typically integrated into mobile workover or service rigs. These are typically mounted onto trucks and designed for lighter intermittent service work. We offer customized designs per customer specifications or standard models from the Kremco line. Any Drilling Drawwork can be used in a workover application. However, most workover applications will typically not require more than a 1000 HP (750 kW) drilling drawworks.

    We also manufacture a line of Baylorâ„¢ motors for Drawworks power. These motors provide increased electrical performance and superior mechanical durability.

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