• NXT-M RAM Blowout Preventer

    This new generation BOP has changed the performance expectations for pressure control equipment, offering significant advantages and features.


    The NXT-M Ram BOP provides a rugged and reliable preventer that is easily serviced in the field. Designed for drilling and workover service, the NXT-M Ram BOP with Manual Lock and Booster system is hydraulically closed and manually locked by rotating the locking bolt. Under normal conditions, 1,500 psi hydraulic pressure is recommended to close the model NXT-M Ram BOP with its rated wellbore pressure of 15,000 psi or less; however, to shear pipe, it is recommended that the closing pressure be increased to 3,000 psi. The NXT-M Ram BOP is available in single, double, and triple configurations.


    Operator Characteristics14"U2B 14"ILF

    14" BSTR LFS

    14" PSL
    14" BSTR CVX

    Max. Working Pressure3,000 PSI 3,000 PSI3,000 PSI3,000 PSI
    Operator Weight (w/ Fluid)3,040 LBS3,070 LBS3,950 LBS3,840 LBS
    Volume to Open (Per Cavity)15.7 GAL (59.4L)15.7 GAL (59.4L)32.1 GAL (121.5L)26.6 GAL (100.7L)
    Volume to Close (Per Cavity)16.8GAL (63.6L)16.7 GAL (63.2L)33.7 GAL (127.6L)27.9 GAL (105.6L)
    CERP AvailableH,J,LH,J,KH,J,KH,J,K