• 20k Configurable Stack

    Powerful technologies for advanced drilling operations


    The Configurable Stack System contains numerous design features and benefits which offer maximum pressure control and safety in the event of a well control incident. Configurability is the key theme used to develop the unit, which includes minimizing and rationally locating change points. With fewer change points, system efficiency is augmented, thereby offering peak performance and improved serviceability. The Configurable Stack System’s configurability permits a consistent design platform for an entire fleet of stacks.


    Rigorously Tested

    • Above API Standards- more cycles, more stress
    • Shell test to 1.5x
    • Detailed results available on request


    Proven Concepts

    • Evolution of principles used in industry leading 15,000 psi stacks
    • Maintain NOV standard 5,000 psi working pressure
    • 12,000 ft. water depth rating
    • Low Force Shear System


    Advanced and Simplified

    • Modular stack configurations (6,7,or 8 cavity)
    • Low shock SPM valves
    • Boltless doors and enhanced serviceability


    Robust and Reliable Controls

    • Reduced number of seals by 67% in control pod
    • Retrievable RCX™ Control Pod with 140 function capability
    • Retrievable EHBS with integrated acoustics


    Weight Conscious

    • Depth Compensated bottles
    • Lightweight riser flange design
    • Multi-ram capability potentially eliminates a cavity
    • Shearing capability potentially eliminates a cavity


    Safety Priority:

    • Ram position indicators
    • High angle release riser indicators
    • Comprehensive fault logging- BOP health monitoring
    • Configurable stack frame with space to work
    • Ladders and platforms at each level



    18 – ¾ “ 20k Stackable ConfigurationDimensions (HxWxD) Estimated Weight (lbs)
    6 Ram (3 Double)700” x 240” x 212”878,269
    7 Ram (3 Double, 1 Single)762” x 240” x212”1,192,180
    8 Ram (4 Double)790” x 240” 212”1,237,390