• 15k Configurable Stack

    Powerful technologies for advanced drilling operations


    The Configurable Stack System contains numerous design features and benefits which offer maximum pressure control and safety in the event of a well control incident. Configurability is the key theme used to develop the unit, which includes minimizing and rationally locating change points. With fewer change points, system efficiency is augmented, thereby offering peak performance and improved serviceability. The Configurable Stack System’s configurability permits a consistent design platform for an entire fleet of stacks.


    • Highly configurable from pre-designed options
    • Improved safety
    • Increased internal work space
    • Dramatically improved bottle capacity
    • Optimized shear system
    • Standardized stab “adapters”
    • Interchangeability between primary and secondary lower stack/LMRP
    • Improved stack/LMRP alignment
    • Funnel up for improved reliability on mate-up
    • Guidance system integrated into legs
    • Standardized manufacturing design
    • Can be shipped in its frame


    • Rated Water Depth: 6,000ft, 10,000ft., 12,000ft.
    • 3rd Party Certifications: ABS+CDS, DNV-Drill
    • Paint System (3 coat system): AX040014, System 2, color code 1 (std)
    • “Drillthru” Diameter: 18.75”
    • Pressure Rating: 15k
    • Wellbore Connection Type/Inlay: API/CRA
    • C&K Connection Type/Inlay: API/CRA
    • Mud Boost Connection Type/Inlay: API/CRA
    • Total Ram Cavity Count: 5,6,7
    • BOP Model: NXT, NXT-M
    • SBOP Quantity/Location: 2 in Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP)
    • Control Type: Mux 112 Line
    • Stud and Nut Coating (Main and Outlet Connections): Zinc (std)
    • Footprint Dimensions: 204” (6069mm) x 212” (5385mm)
    • 6 – Cavity Stack: 621” (15773mm), 880,000lbs (399 metric tons)
    • 7 – Cavity Stack: 697” (17703mm), 898,000lbs (407.3 metric tons)