• Wedge Cover Spherical BOP

    This new generation BOP has changed the performance expectations for pressure control equipment, offering significant advantages and features.


    The NOV line of Shaffer SBOPs maintains one of the first lines of defense in controlling a well. When the unit is actuated, hydraulic pressure operates the piston, and in turn closes the packing element. The closure occurs in a smooth simultaneous upward and inward motion, as opposed to horizontal motion.

    NOV’s SBOP consist of just fiver major parts- the upper and lower housing, the sealing element, an adapter ring, and a piston. This simple design provides a rugged, reliable preventer and ease of service in the field.


    • Rugged, reliable sealing equipment provides positive seal after hundreds of test to full working pressure
    • Simplistic hydraulic system; only two hydraulic connections are required
    • Wear rings on moving parts prevent metal-to-metal contact, eliminating costly repairs
    • Suitable for H₂S service, simple bolt and lifting shackle changes convert them for external H ₂S service
    • Manufactured in accordance with API Specifications 16A, Third Edition, June 2004 and NACE MR0175 per API Specification 16A, Temperature T20, Standard nitrate packing element: 40°F to 180°F.