• RCX Low-Shock SPM Valves

    Sub Plate Mounted (SPM) valves are 3-way, 2-position fluid control valves.


    SPM valves are used throughout National Oilwell Varco (NOV) control systems to direct hydraulic fluid within hydraulic circuits.


    • NOV RCX Low-Shock SPM valve assemblies have been created to address industry requests for a more robust and reliable valve.
    • RCX Low-Shock SPM valves are direct circuit replacements with matched flow rates. Closing times are not affected.
    • RCX Low-Shock SPM valves utilize improved materials and are designed to reduce hydraulic shock (water hammer). Test data provided on sheet 2.
    • RCX Low-Shock SPM valves must be used with RCX Low-Shock SPM valve blocks. RCX Low-Shock SPM valve blocks may be re-machined to NOV specifications. Non-RCX Low-Shock blocks cannot be re-machined.